Income Tax Compliance: No Surprises


Income Tax Compliance

Some believe “good” CPA will get you  the biggest tax refund. LTC disagrees. 

A truly competent CPA legally minimizes your taxes through smart and proper planning. What is on your tax return should never be a surprise.

We provide business and personal income tax filings for all states. Our commitment is:


Every number on your tax return has the proper support along with the tax law behind it. Appropriate detailing of your information cuts down on the time and fees when corresponding with the IRS, FTB and other regulators. This due diligent practice also minimizes costly mistakes on your tax returns. 

If you ask your CPA for the workpaper behind your business tax returns and they give you none (or pencil hand-written papers), you may want to consider a new CPA.


Built into our tax return preparation process is tax audit risk assessment and business health analysis. LTC team members will bring any red flags to your attention prior to finalizing the returns. This step alone reduces costly fees, tax penalties, interests and headaches associated with a tax audit.

With years of expertise, continuing education and working with clients from startups to $500MM in revenue, LTC relies on our experience and our professional supporting network to deliver your results, not what the tax software tells us. For example, tax software does not know about a foreign bank account, hence, needing to file a foreign bank account report. That mistake could cost the client at least $10,000 in penalties as of 2018.


Now you can come see your CPA to have a fun conversation, not to wait for your tax return to be printed. We securely and timely store, send, and receive your data.  

We invest in the most efficient and reliable technology so your return can be done more quickly and on time.  

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